As we sit down to write this blog to express our gratitude and thanks for what we have been able to accomplish as a company over the past year, we realize this gratitude really extends beyond us as MediSpend and encompasses the whole idea of what we strive to do every day, all of us involved in compliance; to be honest and transparent for the good of all. 

Perhaps it is time for all leaders of organizations to pause and think about how their company is contributing to the greater good.

For life science companies it may be a recognition of how compliance is really something to be grateful for.

Having a set of laws and regulations helps set a standard; a starting point to measure against. Complying with regulations can help establish a company’s commitment to transparency. When this message comes from the heads of the organization, employees are usually quick to get on board. In other words, it can begin to set a tone and establish a cultural norm for the whole company, not just those involved in compliance. 

Maintaining transparency protects your company’s reputation – not to mention earnings.

Having a plan in place and living by it – results in good business practices. By tracking and recording what is happening in your organization, you are able to check actions against local, state, regional, national, and international law. Having a clean database of information also helps weed out the bad actors, nip problems in the bud quickly, and even guides your organization in determining best practices.

Most importantly, transparency and compliance allow life science companies to focus on their true mission. Wouldn’t you much rather discover products and services that actually enhance the quality of life or provide life-saving medication and medical devices to all? You would not be able to provide your products and services to the public without transparency and compliance.

When we sit down to our Thanksgiving tables, we shall give thanks for transparency and ethics. And we will show gratitude for compliance and how it helps life science companies – and the individuals who work for them – make the world a better and healthier place.

We at MediSpend wish everyone an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend filled with much gratitude for the family and friends that surround you.





MMIS | MediSpend

Posted on Nov 24, 2017 11:15:17 AM

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