MMIS, Inc. Prepares Physicians for Sunshine Act

PORTSMOUTH, NH June 6, 2012 — Helping clinicians prepare for Physicians Payments Sunshine Act compliance, that’s the goal at MMIS. On May 10, 2012, MMIS began a targeted email campaign, sending 400,000 emails to internal medicine, family practice and cardiac physicians. The campaign was initiated to educate physicians on the intricacies of the Sunshine Act law and how the law will affect their relationships with the medical industry.  

The Sunshine Act legislation creates new regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Beginning in 2013, all payments or transfers of value received by physicians greater than $10.00, as well as the relationships that give rise to the payments, will be a matter of public record. In order to protect the reputations of both physicians and the health care industry, it is imperative that this data be extremely accurate.  

MMIS’ first wave of emails informed the physicians of the law’s specifics: Pharmaceutical and medical device companies are required to track, aggregate and report all financial transactions made to physicians and health care organizations. It also informed physicians on the timeline for implementation of the Sunshine Act legislation and how MMIS’ Physicians Professional Network® allows them to review and dispute spend transactions prior to disclosure to the Federal Government.  

The campaign encourages the recipients to ask themselves: Do you know how this new law will affect your reputation? Your patients? Your practice? What are your options once this information is published and is publicly available? What will you do if there are inaccurate or incorrect spend instances reported about you?   

In a recent survey conducted by MMIS and The Regulatory Law Group, of the 50,000 specialists and primary care physicians polled, 47% were unaware of the Physician Payments Sunshine Act.

“It’s critically important that physicians are proactive in protecting their reputation and managing their industry relationships,” said Michaeline Daboul, President and CEO of MMIS, Inc. “They need to have a way to review data and dispute inaccuracies prior to public disclosure.”  

MMIS’ technology solutions were designed to address the needs of pharmaceutical and medical device companies as well as the physicians with whom they interact and collaborate. MMIS’ MediSpend® provides an easy to use tool for companies to track and report payments, the MediSpend® Notification Service, along with the Physicians Professional Network®, provides a mechanism through which industry can share data with physicians before reporting to the federal government.  Using this one technology platform, physicians and industry can review and correct data prior to submission to the government and subsequent disclosure to the public.

About MMIS, Inc.

MMIS, Inc. is a global technology company that develops secure communication solutions for many Fortune 500 companies. For over a decade, MMIS has deployed proprietary open collaboration technologies that enable its clients to drive greater productivity by managing and exchanging data, ideas, opinions, and intellectual capital in an ultra-secure environment.  

Developed and marketed by MMIS, MediSpend® Family of Products are secure hosted platforms sold as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to meet the needs of industry, academic institutions and physicians.  Developed by attorneys and IT specialists with over a dozen years of experience in healthcare compliance, the MediSpend® Family of Products represent the first end-to-end compliance solutions designed specifically to help pharmaceutical and medical device companies track and report HCP and HCO spend while simultaneously managing physician relationships.  MediSpend® is a customizable, comprehensive, web-based solution that simplifies compliance with the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act.    

For more information please visit or contact us at  MediSpend® is developed by MMIS, Inc., a global technology company with offices in New York, NY and Portsmouth, NH.


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