MediSpend Announces Key Enhancements to Transparency Reporting Solution

Portsmouth, N.H. - December 3, 2018 – MediSpend recently launched new capabilities to its Transparency Reporting Solution that include significant data management capabilities to support the compliance reporting for life sciences organizations. 

The new compliance data management features enable linking of “like” covered recipients and association of their spend transactions to ensure accurate jurisdictional reporting by global life sciences organizations. Also included in the release are enhancements to management of product information, bulk updates of nature and purpose and enhancements to spend export capability.

“The MediSpend Transparency Reporting Solution provides our customers enhanced operational efficiency through superior data quality management capabilities thereby enabling effective compliance monitoring through advanced analytics capabilities,” said Neeraj Singhal, vice president product. “MediSpend serves as the compliance system of record and single source of truth for our customers, which reduces organizational risk associated with incomplete or inaccurate jurisdictional reporting.”

The MediSpend Compliance Cloud improves life sciences organizations ability to reduce compliance risks using MediSpend’s comprehensive data management tools in the face of evolving business needs and complex data management challenges.




About MediSpend 

MediSpend is a global leader in cloud-based compliance software for the life sciences industry. MediSpend is the compliance system of record for some of the world’s largest life sciences companies. We help pharmaceutical, medical device, dental and emerging biotech companies comply with global healthcare laws while reducing risk and lowering costs. The MediSpend Compliance Cloud enables life sciences companies to manage and monitor physician engagement, aggregate and analyze enterprise data, and comply with global data privacy and transparency reporting regulations. Our employees are committed to customer success, innovation, and exceptional product development. Our customers are located in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. MediSpend is headquartered in Portsmouth, N.H., with offices in Minnesota, New York, and Pennsylvania. To learn more about MediSpend, visit


Media Contact:
Kathleen Fallon
Director of Marketing, MediSpend


Medispend Marketing

Posted on Dec 3, 2018 2:01:44 PM

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