New features in MediSpend’s Transparency Reporting Solution

The latest release of MediSpend’s Transparency Reporting solution is the most comprehensive update yet. Transparency Reporting Solution, available as a stand-alone application or as part of MediSpend’s Compliance Cloud suite, now includes new and updated reports as well as new configuration options and new spend tracking fields. Plus, enhanced integration with MediSpend's Engagement Manager supports a consolidated, end-to-end process that includes both upstream engagements and downstream reporting.

Spend tracking

You might not be able—or want—to provide a Home System ID. This release introduces a streamlined process for spend record updates through a scheduled, automated ETL (extract/transform/load):

  • Custom Spend ID for clients that are not able or do not wish to provide a Home System ID. This ID can be created using multiple fields in an inbound file that make the transaction unique

Want to capture No Show and Opt Out transactions within your system, but don’t want them appearing on reports?

  • Opt Out and No Show are new fields for managing HCP attendance for enhanced reporting accuracy and the ability to track all transactions

Have additional expense details you want to capture with your transactions that help with data analytics and with tracing the expense back to the source system?

  • Expense ID, Expense Detail ID and Expense Address Information have been added for enhanced tracking, search and analytics

Nature and Purpose

This release provides the ability to import and export Nature and Purposes aliases, which can save time and effort in managing large volumes of data. Global Mapping details display on Nature/Purpose exports, for greater transparency and more efficiency when reviewing mappings.

Jurisdiction reports

Life sciences companies need accurate, up-to-date transparency reports for various jurisdictions. This release includes new aggregated and non-aggregated jurisdiction reports, allowing for additional traceability and greater review and analysis capabilities. Report templates reflect local languages and currencies, giving companies more flexibility with global outreach and reporting.This release includes:

  • New Belgium Sunshine Act Report
  • Updates to 19 global jurisdictional reports:
    • Country-specific identifiers
    • Updated consent rules for Australia, Cyprus, Greece and Spain
    • New template for United Kingdom
    • New .CSV submittable report for Ireland

System configuration

New enhancements give customers greater flexibility to configure the system to their business rules and requirements for data management within the system. These include ability to configure:

  • Import validation rules to either allow and warn, or reject and prevent duplicate identifiers for Covered Recipients within the system
  • Spend processing options for how to process spend against a deactivated Covered Recipient by allowing all spend, allowing spend based on spend date, or preventing all spend from attaching to a deactivated Covered Recipient.

Engagement Manager integration

For customers who are taking advantage of the full functionality of the MediSpend Engagement Manager and Transparency Reporting solutions, this release supports seamless integration of “transfers of value” generated in the upstream Health Care Professional Engagement process. This eliminates the need for manual or ETL import for global jurisdictional reporting.

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Bryan Stinehour

Senior Product Manager

Posted on Jul 2, 2019 10:35:32 AM

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