MediSpend Can Guide Your Organization Through its Simple Yet Effective Implementation Methodology

Are you a small pharmaceutical or medical device company with limited resources worried about implementing a software solution like MediSpend? Are you a larger organization concerned with already overbooked IT resources or a global organization worried about meeting different business requirements from compliance stakeholders around the globe?

No worries! MediSpend has a team of seasoned project managers that will use a proven implementation methodology to guide you through the process. The methodology works no matter how small or how large your organization may be, tailoring to your specific needs. If your company has a specific project management process already in place, MediSpend can adapt to your methodology. We successfully collaborate with a combination of clients from small groups of people to entire teams located around the globe.

MediSpend’s methodology works in such a way that the execution takes place flawlessly within the timelines without compromising on quality. Our project managers partner with the larger MediSpend team comprising of compliance solution experts, attorneys and service managers to ensure your journey is successful now and in the future.

We Keep It Simple


Your implementation journey with MediSpend will start with a project kick-off meeting where we will review what lays ahead while tailoring to the specific business goals and objectives of your organization. We’ll define success together from the start!

Immediately thereafter, we will collaborate with you through discovery sessions to document how the MediSpend solution should be configured to meet your specific business needs.

After the analysis & design phase, MediSpend will configure and test the solution while showcasing the configured solution. We’ll walk you through, using and testing MediSpend solutions while feeding necessary data into the system. You will be provided with the tools you need to provide final acceptance before production goes live and the solution is launched.

We Tailor to Your Needs

MediSpend helps you with your rollout and will work with you on the best training options for your organization.

We Partner with You Throughout Your Journey

MediSpend will stay with you each step of the way, not just during implementation, but also after you are live with MediSpend. We’ll continue to support you over the years ensuring you always report accurately and in a timely manner.

Françoise Renaud

VP, Client Operations, MediSpend

Posted on Apr 9, 2020 10:19:01 AM

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