New MediSpend Insight Release Offers More Ways to Understand Your Transparency Data

MediSpend Insight adds robust data analytics to MediSpend’s Engagement Manager and Transparency Reporting solutions. The latest MediSpend Insight release includes new jurisdictional monitoring and more ways to look at business intelligence while Engagement Manager Insight adds more flexible data extraction for global team. And with MediSpend’s cloud-based platform, customers always have the most up-to-date software. Take a look at what’s new.

Compliance dashboard

This release introduces the ability to create reports by company field force alignment.

Users can set customer-configured thresholds on fee for service transaction monitoring for each calendar year.

A New Jersey Spend Monitoring Report has been added to the Threshold Analysis tab to allow for specific Natures and Purposes to be monitored in accordance with release regulations passed in NJ.

A new Spend Analysis tab has been added for general querying and analysis of all spend. Includes a Spend Analysis - Spend By Month chart, a Spend By Recipients - Top 10 chart, a Spend By Expense Originators - Top 10 chart, and a Spend Analysis Details By Activity Type table.

Insights dashboard

This release enhances the Spend By State tab with more detailed drill-down by year, quarter, month, and date.

Also, several new attributes have been added to filters and reports including:

Home System ID, Transaction ID,  Product, Event Venue, Org Group L1, Org Group L2, Org Group L3, Event Identifier, Event Name, Tier and Spend Amount Range filters added. 

Engagement Manager Insight 

Download files to XLSX format added to allow date fields to be handled as date format which allows regional settings to format the date value appropriately. Benefit is sharing files globally so that regional setting can properly interpret date information.

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Darryl Williams

Senior Director, Analytics

Posted on Jul 8, 2019 2:40:43 PM

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