Discover How MediSpend Helps Life Sciences Companies Manage HCP Engagement

Finding a partner to help your life sciences company on your journey to develop an end-to-end process related to HCE interactions (health care entity – individuals and organizations) is a challenge. Your selection must have a strong understanding of the subject matter both regulatory and operationally, while also being an expert in robust compliance technology.

MediSpend has global expertise within the life sciences business, advanced compliance systems and technology, and the law. Our team is holistic in understanding the challenges our clients face wherever they are located in the world and at whatever stage in the process they are. And we will listen to your problems and help you find the right solutions, says MediSpend CEO Michaeline Daboul. This is a team effort that results in an end-to-end compliance plan for efficiently, affordably, and wisely managing HCP engagements.

What many clients find appealing is the fact that MediSpend Engagement Manager can be optimized to meet your unique needs while providing industry best practices. Find out how we have helped companies at different stages in the development of their compliance plan as related to HCP interactions: 

Working Efficiently on a Budget 

The Challenge: The company was facing a large cost associated with upgrading from a non-SaaS solution. It was utilizing an existing set of systems to complete end-to-end HCP engagement management, which would meet the minimum needs of their compliance requirements. However, it was missing advanced compliance features and operational efficiencies for its business teams. The device company was under a CIA (corporate integrity agreement with the Office of the Inspector General, also known as OIG).

How We Are Helping: The company has implemented a single system, which would take the team from establishing a business need for the engagement all the way through to transparency reporting. As an end-to-end solution, we provided a single global platform with seamless integration and closed-loop processes. In other words, there would be no need for manual intervention or data manipulation.

Remaining Compliant Across the Board 

The Challenge: What triggered this mid-size device company’s interest in our offerings were commercial business leaders joining the team from an organization that was under a CIA.  

How We Are Helping: The organization performed a compliance assessment to understand the main areas of risk. Based on the results, a compliance systems roadmap was created because of change management challenges. Initially the organization began with manual forms and standard operating procedures. Now that the organization has moved its teams to following a standard process, management is evaluating systematic solutions to move from this manual process to a fully automated one. Specifically, the company is considering its options by conducting buy vs. build evaluations and a strong ROI analysis. MediSpend’s team has been well-equipped to help it consider all its options and find the best fit. 

Being Proactive about Compliance

The Challenge: Sometimes, companies simply want to be proactive. In this case, our interaction with the organization happened because members of management wanted to improve the end-to-end process and sought an automated system. The company was not under a CIA or any threat of investigation.    

How We Are Helping: Often, the initial interaction between a life science company and its compliance partner is to evaluate what options are available to them. This organization relied on our expertise and wide industry knowledge to identify the best solution for process, which included systematic controls and centralization of documentation. Management in this company wanted to learn about how other companies in the industry managed HCP engagement. Specifically, executives aimed to meet industry best practices while realizing the benefits their commercial and R&D teams could achieve with a centralized solution.

Now, the company is implementing a systematic solution and rolling it out globally in a phased approach. This is aiding in ensuring effective change management and eases the burden of its limited compliance resources.

The Big Picture

Your life science company must simplify its compliance ecosystem beginning with HCP interactions. You have to find the right match in a compliance partner, which is the first step in effective HCP engagement management. In addition, you should seek an automated, flexible, and intuitive solution. As a result, a compliance partner must have in-depth understanding of the industry, compliance technology, and the law. Most importantly, the partner must recognize your company’s unique needs and offer technology and a partnership that can be optimized but remains flexible and easily updated. 

MediSpend’s Engagement Manager team is comprised of legal experts, seasoned former consultants, and cutting-edge technology resources which can assist you on your journey. For more information, or to request a demo, visit

Katie Jacyna

Director, Product Management

Posted on Nov 16, 2018 10:47:47 AM

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