Help Your Life Science Company Avoid Security Breaches

 What You Need to Know to Make Your Data Less Vulnerable to Security Hacks

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Life science companies, like everyone else, are facing more security breaches. In fact, Healthcare IT News recently published a list of the biggest breaches in the industry so far in 2017. The picture it paints is not a pretty one. 

For example, a cyber-attack blocked Arkansas Oral Facial Surgery Center from accessing files, medical images, and details about patient visits. More than 106,000 patients medical privacy was violated when Mid-Michigan Physicians Imaging Center, discovered personal health data may have been breached. Others experienced phishing and ransomware attacks. Learn more about these vulnerabilities

What many people don’t realize is compliance management technology can help thwart security breaches. Here’s how:

Compilation of Data
For starters, life science companies that invest in compliance management software are making a concerted effort to gather data. They are asking employees to input and consolidate information. Aggregating data automatically creates vulnerability to a breach, however, having all of the information in one place fosters a sense of focus on security. It also reigns in the chaos, making data more manageable.

Using SaaS Technology Allows for Seamless Evolution
Constantly rebuilding original, homespun systems or updating compliance systems manually, opens up your company’s data to risk. While SaaS compliance technology companies constantly update their solutions. As a result, internal IT departments don’t have to dismantle anything old or build anything new, which provides peace of mind. It also decreases the likelihood of a a complete internal system overall on a regular basis.

Control of Access
One of the largest benefits of consolidating vital data and storing it on a cloud-based platform is the communications structure it provides employees to share their activity across divisions. While the ability to share information with staff quickly and efficiently is an asset, it comes with some risk. However, the technology makes it possible to protect sensitive details, allowing the company to determine who has access to what, specific data, so only the most trusted executives can get a full read of the information.

Most importantly, third parties offering this kind of technology prioritize state-of-the-art cybersecurity. Partnering with one of them for your compliance needs could also alleviate some of the pressure around avoiding security breaches. Investing in compliance management technology not only works to avoid regulation violations but also protects valuable data which is more than a necessity to help avoid these unfortunate and common security breaches.  

What's Next?
Is your company spending lots of time undoing legacy systems and making your compnay vulnerable to security breaches? Do you want to work smarter not harder? Then, you should consider COTS SaaS applications. You can learn more about them in “Top 5 Strategic Technology Trends for Life Sciences Companies.” This e-book is chock full of information relevant to leaders in the industry. Let me know your thoughts. Comment below or reach me at

Michaeline Daboul

CEO, Co-founder of MMIS, Inc.

Posted on Oct 30, 2017 10:10:48 AM

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