Centralize FFS Activities and Engage with HCPs Across Business Units with Ease

Fee-for-service (FFS) activities are an essential part of your HCP engagement strategy. But proving each event is necessary and remaining compliant remain challenges if you don’t have the right resources.

FFS_Engagements-.jpgWhat Are FFS Engagements?

Fee-for-service (FFS) engagements are activities in which you pay a health care provider an hourly rate for the consulting services they provide. Of course, the hourly fee is the previously determined fair market value rate (FMV). FFS activities are types of HCP engagements.

What You Need

To manage FFS activities and ensure compliance, you need to be proactive about establishing efficient procedures. An intuitive SaaS solution could be the answer. After all, it can allow for approval and workflow controls leading up to the event in question. Discover what the system should specifically offer as related to FFS experiences:

  • Valid Agreement – Before the event can ever happen, the physician must be invited. Before doling out an invitation, your company must go through the needs assessment and HCP qualification processes. These processes should then result in the execution of an agreement if you want to engage with the physician. You can manage and track these responsibilities on SaaS compliance solution.
  • Holistic View – You should be able to see the particulars of an event, including all the participating doctors, in one place. A great system will allow you to aggregate to track for budget caps, too.
  • Dashboard – This allows employees to quit stepping on each other’s toes. Here they can easily research and see if multiple departments are inviting the same doctor for different events on the same day. You’ll also be able to view expected doctor attendance and qualification.
  • Compliance Controls – A compliance platform will help you minimize risk and validate the need for all events with appropriately chosen physicians.

Peace of Mind

Having a compliance solution to centralize and track FFS engagements makes your life easier. It helps you manage all the moving parts while reducing risk and keeping you within the bounds of the Anti-Kickback Statute and other anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws. 





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Posted on Dec 8, 2017 8:00:00 AM

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