5 Considerations for Migrating from a Homegrown System to a SaaS Solution

1.    Implementation Time Investment

A migration to a SaaS solution may seem intimidating and you might have concerns about the bandwidth of your IT department for such a project. Typically, the actual implementation and rollout of a SaaS solution is a relatively quick and easy process. In fact, most pharmaceutical and medical device companies will spend more time on processes that are related to planning and determining why the SaaS solution is worth being implemented, rather than the actual implementation stage which usually only lasts a few weeks.

Post implementation, your IT team no longer needs to maintain that homegrown solution to meet the growing needs of the business users and the evolving compliance legislation.

2.    Transitioning – Data Source Integration & Historical Data Preservation

Migrating your legacy data and getting data from your source systems into the SaaS solution might be the most difficult part of your SaaS migration. Careful planning and scoping will be key to your success. As part of the MediSpend implementation, we assist in ensuring that your data accurately gets ingested either manually via easy-to-use templates or through automation. You would no longer need to worry about detecting data issues as your MediSpend solution includes extensive built-in validation rules.

3.    Change Management – Evolving Business Needs

While you may lose some control over implementing changes, as you would be on your vendor’s schedule, you will benefit from getting regular functionality improvements and new features. For example, MediSpend will ensure the software is always up to date with the latest reporting templates.

Most SaaS solution are already built to support all of your global needs following the same operational procedures allowing for easy and painless expansion.

4.    Partnering with the Right Vendor

Your vendor should have experience and a strong understanding of your current eco-system, be robust in challenging you to update business processes to allow adoption of best practices and should also be capable of assisting with your ongoing strategies.

5.    Ultimate Convenience

Moving to a SaaS solution like MediSpend means that you will get a scalable, reliable and accurate system that evolves with the industry. MediSpend SaaS solution will streamline processes and eliminate the need for clunky homegrown systems that require constant updates.

Françoise Renaud

VP, Client Operations, MediSpend

Posted on Jun 16, 2020 10:14:33 AM

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